SPACE CASE-EP 12 aka OUT IN THE ELEMENTS/DOG WATCH 2017 (Suburban Mishaps, Airport DRAMA, MGMT’s New Spooky Bop, and The Case of Misplaced Movie Posters)

A New Design

Join us for EPISODE 12 of SPACE CASE LIVE! FROM A SUBURBAN PATIO! Out in the elements for DOGWATCH 2017, we keep an eye on Mia the Blind Dog to make sure she doesn’t fall in the pool again. We also discuss our recent updates and mishaps, Trent’s weekend trip to Disney and airport DRAMA, MGMT’s new spooky ooky jam “Little Dark Age,” and why are old (non-classic) movie posters still up at various movie theaters? Nostalgia? Laziness? Aesthetic? We crack the case! Find out and listen now!

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