SPACE CASE-EP.14 (Dream Music Lessons From Our Favs, Are You A Devin or a Trent? The Concept of Devincore/Trentcore, and The Brainstorming Meeting of a Hypothetical Space Kiddettes TV Show)

A New Design

On this TONS O’ FUN episode of Space Case, we talk about getting music lessons on different instruments from our DREAM music teachers. The answers won’t surprise you, but they might intrigue you just enough. After that, we explain the concept and manifesto of Devincore and Trentcore respectively. Are you a Devin or a Trent? FIND OUT! Finally, we talk at length about what is a now TOTALLY plausible concept for what a Space Kiddettes Public Access Children’s Show would look like. LISTEN NOW if you think any of this is made up, we’ll prove you wrong…

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