SPACE CASE-EP. 22 (Beer =Masculine Wine=Feminine continued, and Cracking the Case on Punky Brewster and The Dyatlov Pass Incident)


On this episode of Space Case, Space Kiddettes Mysteries LLC attempts to unveil the TRUTH on these cryptic cases:

  1. We continue the discussion of why wine is considered feminine and beer is considered masculine and deliver the final verdict on this case.
  2. Do you know Punky Brewster? Well, welcome to the world of “the more you know” style children’s programming of the 1980s.
  3. The Dyatlov Pass Incident; a much publicized case shrouded in mystery. This case was closed too soon with too many bizarre details to count, so we dissect this case as much as we can with our level expertise and attempt to get a grip on this iconic tale.

Thanks so much for sending in cases. KEEP EM COMING!

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