SPACE CASE-EP. 26 (Catching Up and the Cases of What’s Wrong With Houston Crowds? and Why Are Children So Scary in Horror Movies?)


We’re BAAAAAAAACK! After a two week hiatus due to an influx of GIGGING and LIFE in general we’re back on the case and taking on these mysteries:

What happens when you’re a band that had a hit like, 10 years ago but you’re trying to maintain relevancy. Whether that be in the mainstream or indie circuit what does this mean for your fanbase and what does it take to overcome this idea? We get to the bottom of it. AND what’s the deal with Houston crowds? FACT OR MYTH?

FINALLY, why are children such a focal point of horror movies? Their innocence? The perceived notion that they do not yet understand right from wrong and therefore can be swayed by the powers of the great beyond? Let’s find out…

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