SPACE CASE-EP. 61 (Groovy Mysteries: Garfield on the Shore, The Shaggs Are The Greatest Worst Band Ever, and the “Lingo” of 1989 Teens)



On this episode of Space Case we flash allll the way back man to the 60s, 70s, and 80s, for some groovy and radical mysteries! First, the mystery that took the internet by storm this past week about Garfield phones from the 1980s washing up on a shore in France. What’s up with that?!


Then, we discuss the Shaggs who are perhaps music history most discussed “so bad they’re good” band. Or, maybe they’re just so bad they’re bad? You decide…


And finally our very own Houston Chronicle shared an article they originally published in 1989 on teen life and “lingo” The results, are something else.



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