SPACE CASE-EP. 156 (PRIDECAST 2021: The Case For the Queerness of “Action Horror” Films w/ MY BLOODY JUDY)

On this week’s episode of Space Case, it’s the third installment of PRIDECAST 2021: Podcasting with Pride! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ We’re joined by Ian Carlos Crawford and Zachary Patton-Garcia from MY BLOODY JUDY to talk about queerness and kink in the long forgotten 90s and 2000s “action horror” films. Since MY BLOODY JUDY specializes in queerness and horror, we knew they’d be the PERFECT pair to chat about this under-appreciated sub-genre filled with CLASSICS like Underworld, Resident Evil, Aliens, Van Helsing, Blade, and more. PLUS we crack the case on why ACTION HORROR has become synonymous with the zombie genre.

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