SPACE CASE-EP. 167 (The State of Music in 2021 w/ Pablo, The Don and Sarah McTaggart from Transviolet)

Heavy title? Don’t let it fool you, it’s fun! Every year we do AT LEAST one big episode about music and what it’s like to make it etc. So for this year’s offering, we wanted to go BIG (at least for the title) We wanted to check in and hear (from people besides ourselves) about what it’s like to make AND consume music right here and right now in 2021. First, we chat with music reviewer, pop culture commentator, podcaster, and TikTok ICON Pablo, The Don about music journalism and reviewing music with stan culture and the artists themselves at the READY to attack. THEN, we hang with Sarah from California synth pop band TRANSVIOLET about making music, staying creative, and TOURING this past year to today. Let us know your thoughts after you listen! We wanna keep the discussion going!

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