SPACE CASE-EP. 194 (TARGETED ADS 3: Little Debbie’s Ice Cream, Sonic Hard Seltzers, Empress Indigo Gin, YITTY, Velvet Caviar and more)

On this week’s episode of Space Case, it’s the triumphant return of our TARGETED ADS segment! In this installment, we not only give you selections that we’ve accumulated this past year, but we also give you some IN THE MOMENT reactions! We chat about Lizzo’s new YITTY brand shapewear, DUMBGOOD’s Garfield robe, COKE + COFFEE, and Velvet Caviar phone cases. THEN we do live taste tests of Hudsonville x Little Debbie Ice Cream, SONIC Hard Seltzers, Deep Eddy’s Vodka and Soda drinks, Bailey’s STRAWBERRIES & CREAM, and Empress Indigo Gin. Have you tried any of these products? Let us know by calling the Space Case Hotline at 832-899-4949 and following us on socials at @whereissk. We have bonus content from this episode on our Tiktok too! @whereissk

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