SPACE CASE-EP. 199 (The Case of the Sophomore Slump)

On this week’s episode of Space Case, are we a sophomore slump? Or are we comeback kid of the year? YOU DECIDE! You guessed it, we’re discussing what it means for an artist to have a “sophomore slump.” Usually, a sophomore slump describes what happens when a successful artist has a hit first album that is then followed up by a commercial or critical failure. This can also be the case with a release in an artists’ discography that just so happens to be right after their most successful release to date. We discuss criteria for this classification and give some examples of famous sophomore slumps. In turn, we also countdown some of our favorite sophomore SLAMS or albums that we think were an even better follow up to their previous release.

In your opinion, what’s your pick for WORST sophomore slumps? OR your favorite sophomore SLAMS?
Do you have a case for us to solve or a question or comment about this episode? Call or text the SPACE CASE HOTLINE at 832-899-4949 or DM us on social media @spacecasepod

Show Notes:

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