SPACE CASE-EP. 202 (The 6th Annual Space Case Halloween Special: The Case of Harold Gunn aka Captain/Count Harold)

It’s that time of year kiddies, JOIN US (if you dare) FOR OUR 6TH ANNUAL HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! This year, we’re sticking close to home and cracking the case on Houston’s very own “horror host” of the 70s and 80s. This man has gone by MANY names over the years, but Houstonians might know him best as Captain Harold of “Captain Harold’s Theater of the Sky” and “Creature Feature” or as Count Harold of “Boo Theatre.” We chat about Harold Gunn’s PROLIFIC career in media and give a rapid fire feature list of movies you should watch today to make your Halloween night EXTRA spooky.

What are YOU doing this Halloween?! Do you have a case for us to solve or a question or comment about this episode? Call or text the SPACE CASE HOTLINE at 832-899-4949 or DM us on social media @spacecasepod


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