SPACE CASE-EP. 213 (The Case of The Husband Calling Contest at the Iowa State Fair)

On this week’s episode of Space Case, we crack the case on the origins of a recently viral TikTok video. The clip showcases the top competitors of the Iowa State Fair’s Husband Calling Contest. Since 1854, the Iowa State Fair has brought agriculture, food, fun, and entertainment to the Midwest and the masses have flooded to see it. Included in their yearly traditions, various “calling” contests are included. Among them, is husband calling. We give context to this now viral 2017 clip of the competition, get into a bit of history of the state fair, and some tidbits of trivia.

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Show notes:

Original TikTok video:

Full Iowa PBS clip:

Viral Hog Calling Clip:,competition%20was%20held%20in%201926.

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