SPACE CASE-EP. 224 (Into the [Sub] Stacks: “2020s Totalism” by Tobias Hess)

In the 1st installment of our new segment Into the (Sub) Stacks we tackle a music related discussion. You’re SHOCKED we’re sure… As we head further into 2023, the sonic character and defining qualities of the decade are beginning to take shape. As “hyperpop” begins to lose it’s meaning and “bedroom pop” becomes over-exposed, what do we call the style that emerges when we combine sensibilities of both these fluid genres? Writer Tobias Hess offers a name for this sound and we dive in and see how it feels!

What do you think? Do you have a case for us to solve or a question or comment about this episode OR a suggestion of a Substack article for us to discuss? Call or text the SPACE CASE HOTLINE at 832-899-4949 or DM us on social media @spacecasepod OR email us at

Show notes:

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