*ORIGINALLY AIRED MAY 13, 2019* In this episode, SK and Jason take on all things film LIVE from the show floor of COMICPALOOZA. We talk DIY video making and how to get started, camp and queer films as influence and our thoughts on the MET GALA’s take on camp, and we solve the mystery “Why Remake Good Films When Bad Films Are Standing Right There?”

On this week’s episode of Space Case, it’s the first installment of PRIDECAST 2021: Podcasting with Pride! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ We’re joined by Shannon, Anna-Laurie, and DJ DOM TOP aka SICK S.A.D FILM CLUB to talk about all our favorite things about the “hacker” film genre. Since SSFC specializes in 90s/2000s film and pop culture, we knew they’d be the PERFECT group to chat about this under-appreciated sub-genre filled with cult CLASSICS like Hackers, SLC Punk and more. We also get into big budget gems like The Matrix and Gone in 60s Seconds PLUS some “do these count as hacker films?” honorable mentions.

Follow them on social media @sicksadfilmclub and check out https://sicksadfilmclub.com/

On this week’s episode of SPACE CASE, you’re probably looking at the title and thinking “what the hell do those words mean?!” And listener, we’re right there with you. Over the last year and ESPECIALLY this last month, these terms have reached peak discourse and the zenith of influence. But what do they mean? Better yet, do they actually MEAN anything? Listen in to find out!

On this week’s episode, it’s a case that was TAILOR MADE for Space Case. You knew we’d talk about it, you WANTED us to talk about it, so here it is; what the hell was going on with that tiger that was loose in West Houston? For the last week or so, this was the case on everyone’s mind and HOT off the press this weekend, a resolution? Is this case officially cracked? Tune in to find out!

On this week’s episode of SPACE CASE, we’re taking a WILD nostalgia trip all about VHS! Last month, a woman was charged for felony embezzlement due to a 21 year outstanding warrant for an overdue VHS tape. As crazy as that sounds, it turns out this is NOT the first time this has happened. What overdue VHS tapes would be worth serving time for? Wait till you hear these titles… THEN! we talk about some VHS tapes that are going for LOTS of money online and why.

On this week’s episode of SPACE CASE, we seek to answer a question in reference to a statement by Alex Jones about “putting chemicals in the water that turn the freakin’ frogs gay!” Did someone or something ACTUALLY put “chemicals” in the water and did that chemical indeed turn some frogs “gay?” Well, kinda, but not really in that way. What do we mean by that? Well, thanks to scientists like Tyrone Hayes, we’re able to crack this case! And trust us, the results may surprise you…

On this week’s episode it’s another HOUSTON MINI-SODE where we give lil tidbits on things happening in Houston. First, an update on a topic from our last Houston mini-sode about the attempted art heist at MFAH. They found a suspect, but what will happen next?! THEN we give a little backstory about a pub that was once called VELVET ELVIS and we let you know why it’s not called that anymore. We end with some pet related posts in our segment TALES FROM NEXTDOOR!

On this week’s episode of Space Case, instead of cracking a case we’re posing a question; what’s up with milk? What is the DEAL!? Standard milk has LONG been the topic of health experts and corporations about why it’s NOT good for you debunking false information about the many reasons why it IS good for you. Nowadays with so many alternatives, what is the right choice of milk substitute AND are they actually any better for you? Does it depend on your preference? Your tastes? Your desired nutrients? We don’t know BUT we attempt to find some answers!

On this week’s episode of SPACE CASE, we finally take a deep dive into the history and appeal of ASMR. This long overdue case gives you a brief overview of who coined the term ASMR, what “counts” as ASMR content, the discourse about ASMR, AND where the culture is now. Then, we finish off with a VERY interesting version of our TALES FROM NEXTDOOR segment.

On this week’s episode of Space Case we give you a short and sweet Houston-centric episode! First, we give a little breakdown of the attempted MFAH art heist this month. Not as many details as we usually like, but hopefully we can FULLY crack this developing story in the coming months. Then, we take the “ultimate Houston quiz” that was CLEARLY not made by an actual Houstonian. We finish up with our TALES FROM NEXTDOOR segment!