HAPPY (belated) VALENTINE’S DAY FROM SPACE KIDDETTES! On this episode of Space Case we tackle the much discussed MANDELA EFFECT. What does it mean? Where does it come from? How did it start? We also unpack the theories about celebrity cloning and replacement and see if there’s any weight to these highly regarded conspiracies. FINALLY, we give you the rundown on the origin of Valentine’s Day as we know it and crack the case on which legend we think stands out.


In this episode of Space Case, Devin presents some SP00KY cases that’ll either disturb or amuse you.

Case 1-The Max Headroom Signal Intrusion Incident: A niche sub group of the 1980s found it interesting to try and interrupt broadcasting signals of local stations and even subscription channels like HBO. Dive into these fascinating cases and learn a thing or two (Trent sure did)

Case 2- It’s not really a case, but Devin just wanted to list and discuss some really unusual deaths. They’re wild.



On this episode of Space Case, Space Kiddettes Mysteries LLC attempts to unveil the TRUTH on these cryptic cases:

  1. We continue the discussion of why wine is considered feminine and beer is considered masculine and deliver the final verdict on this case.
  2. Do you know Punky Brewster? Well, welcome to the world of “the more you know” style children’s programming of the 1980s.
  3. The Dyatlov Pass Incident; a much publicized case shrouded in mystery. This case was closed too soon with too many bizarre details to count, so we dissect this case as much as we can with our level expertise and attempt to get a grip on this iconic tale.

Thanks so much for sending in cases. KEEP EM COMING!


Today we crack 3 very important cases for our curious listeners.

Case 1: If someone has a stain on their shirt and it’s super visible, should you tell them?

Case 2: When you get to upperclassman level coursework in college, has the coursework become harder, or do your methods of learning have to change

Case 3: In many instances, beer is considered a more masculine beverage and wine is considered to be a more feminine beverage; what in history has determined this and what can we do to solve this case?

This may end in a cliffhanger so tune in to find out!


In the aftermath of the FREEZEPOCALYPSE 2018, we rise with Episode 20 of SPACE CASE! In this episode Trent FINALLY gets to steer the conversation toward talking about RPDR and have Devin ACTUALLY understand some of it (Cameroooooooooon.) THEN we get into the inner workings of Devin’s new Sims 4 CATS AND DOGS expansion and Trent’s STRONG case of dog fever and we wrap it all up by talking about MY STRANGE ADDICTIONS while cracking the case of our own strange addictions. What are they? LISTEN TO FIND OUT!