On this episode of Space Case, we live, laugh, and indeed, LOVE! This week it crossed our mind, what are the origins of the motivational home decor staple “LIVE LAUGH LOVE?” What did it start as? How did it get SO POPULAR in homes all over the world? What does it say about fans of the phrase? AND who deserves the credit for it’s creation?

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On this week’s episode we’re headed ALL THE WAY TO THE U.K.! We tackle the topic of censorship via the history of VIDEO NASTIES. This was a notorious list of banned or soon-to-be-banned VHS tapes which typically included low-budget flicks and crass films. What lead to this list being made? Was it necessary? And what became of this list? Listen in and find out!

This week on SPACE CASE, we take a quick break from the spooky content to bring you an interview with a SCARY good writer, director, and comedian Steve Byrne! He’s the creator and director of the new film THE OPENING ACT. In this film, Will Chu is stuck in a thankless job while trying to pursue his true passion in life, becoming a stand-up comedian. When he gets the opportunity he’s been waiting for, the emcee slot on the road opening for his hero Billy G., the realities of life on the stage come crashing in. Between relentless hecklers, drunk comedy groupies and hard-to-impress morning radio DJs, things get off to a rough start. Even if he can learn from his idols and overcome the challenges, he’ll have to prove he has what it takes to make his dream a reality. The cast and cameos in this film include Jimmy O. Yang, Alex Moffat, Cedric The Entertainer, Neal Brennan, Debby Ryan, Ken Jeong, Bill Burr, Whitney Cummings, Jermaine Fowler, Russell Peters, Tom Segura, Iliza Shlesinger AND it’s co-produced by Vince Vaughn. We chat with Steve about being a working comedian, creating your own content, the process of making the film, some weird gigs he’s had, and MORE!

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNDWz__KThs&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=RLJEFilms

THE OPENING ACT is currently In Theaters, and available on VOD and Digital.

On this episode we follow the trail left from our jetpack episode last week with another UFO incident that was definitely NOT aliens. This was a man; a legendary man. Given the name Lawn Chair Larry, he was a pioneer in what is now known as “cluster-ballooning.” A pioneer of unusual aviation techniques he ventured where no man had before! Well, at least ventured further than anyone who lived to tell the tale. Who was this man? And why was he hell-bent on making this dream come true?


The floor is lava, your dessert is lava, and this case might also be lava? On this week’s episode of Space Case, we dive into some science conspiracies in reference to people wanting to eat lava (?!), the “Hollow Earth” theory, and the doomsday prepping for Yellowstone’s underground volcano. Want to hear the answers to these BURNING questions? Listen in!


This week, we take a listener requested case from the SPACE CASE hotline! If this year already hasn’t been wild enough, right here in our own home-base of Houston lies a particularly BIZARRE case involving an iconic eatery. We lay out the current facts of the case, recap all the parties involved and where they stand in the courts as of 2020, and we leave our case file open for developments in the upcoming year. Possible Part 2? Only time will tell…