On this week’s episode of SPACE CASE, we seek to answer a question in reference to a statement by Alex Jones about “putting chemicals in the water that turn the freakin’ frogs gay!” Did someone or something ACTUALLY put “chemicals” in the water and did that chemical indeed turn some frogs “gay?” Well, kinda, but not really in that way. What do we mean by that? Well, thanks to scientists like Tyrone Hayes, we’re able to crack this case! And trust us, the results may surprise you…

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It’s that time of year kiddies, JOIN US (if you dare) FOR OUR 6TH ANNUAL HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! This year, we’re sticking close to home and cracking the case on Houston’s very own “horror host” of the 70s and 80s. This man has gone by MANY names over the years, but Houstonians might know him best as Captain Harold of “Captain Harold’s Theater of the Sky” and “Creature Feature” or as Count Harold of “Boo Theatre.” We chat about Harold Gunn’s PROLIFIC career in media and give a rapid fire feature list of movies you should watch today to make your Halloween night EXTRA spooky.

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On this week’s episode of Space Case, we celebrate 200 premium, USDA certified, BANGER cases. Over the last 5 years, we’ve cracked many a case, and we discuss selections from the last 100 episodes since our LAST celebration. We highlight some of our favorite interviews, multi-part sagas, holiday specials, and our all time favorites so far. We even got to include a hotline call from one of our listeners who tells us a story of one of their favorite episodes. We can’t thank y’all enough for listening all this time and here’s to 200 more!

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On this week’s episode of Space Case, we’re headed back to the mall! It’s been a while since we’ve headed on a nostalgic trip to the once sacred space of the mall but this time there’s a little twist. First, we’ll be chatting about some iconic and (not so) forgotten Houston stores that were stand alone but ALSO located in malls throughout the city. THEN we delve into a couple of iconic 90s mall favorites that were eventually purchased by some fast fashion giants. LASTLY, we scroll through a list of 2000s MUST DOs of the mall and see if we agree.

On this week’s episode of SPACE CASE, we’re back with some more meme history! We’re coming in hot with some CLASSIC viral videos. The first is now a holiday season staple; you know we’re talking about jingling some bells. What happened with that song mix up? And how does she feel about that video 10 years later? THEN we head back to 1990 Peoria public access GOLD with “My Name is Jon Daker.” This SK favorite has an unfortunate recent update but the legacy of this church recital and Mr. Daker himself live on in our hearts. Tune in to learn more!

On this week’s episode of SPACE CASE, it’s a “very special episode.” In late 80s all through to the late 90s, big TV networks were given incentives and payouts in exchange for weaving anti-drug storylines into their shows. Some were more subtle than others but a lot of these once popular ratings darlings have frankly aged like sh*t. So, listen in as we go through various lists and give examples of these offenses INCLUDING how much the networks were paid to air the episodes.

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On this week’s episode, we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the iconic film BLADE II. But, we can guarantee that it’s NOT in the way you would think. In the late 90s to early 2000s, online blogs were becoming a driving force of clicks on the internet. Independent publications and individuals started to have unprecedented influence and clout in an industry that had prided itself on the elite nature of keeping others out. Within this newfound infrastructure Harry Knowles and AINT IT COOL NEWS became one of the most viral and respected independent online websites for film criticism. But, let’s just say, it wasn’t for his deep insight into movies… *NSFW TOWARDS THE END YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*

Show Notes:
THE BLADE II REVIEW: http://legacy.aintitcool.com/node/11793

On this week’s episode of Space Case, we investigate a social experiment gone WRONG. In a random town in New Hampshire, an online forum idea turns into an IRL venture that takes over an already existing town. Can a group with no civic experience create a community governed utopia? Not if the brown bears have anything to say about it! What the hell do we mean? Listen in to find out!

On this week’s episode of Space Case, we’re taking a walk! After stumbling upon an outpost for AVA-America’s Walking Club in San Antonio, we HAD to know more about the organization dedicated to “volkssporting” What exactly IS volkssporting? Well, listen in, and head down the Texas Trails with us!

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On this episode of Space Case it’s a rock n roll mystery that’s sure to leave you saying, “far out?!” Gram Parsons was an iconic and influential figure in the LA rock scene in the late 60s; he rocked hard and partied HARDER. *NOT SO SPOILER ALERT* he partied a little too hard and suffered an untimely death, but that’s not the mystery. The real story is what happened a day later… Listen in to find out!

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