On this week’s episode of Space Case, it’s time to hit you with the 2021 REVAMP! NEW GRAPHIC! NEW THEME SONG! AND a new SK REVIEWS for 2021! At Devin’s request, “I guess we have to talk about the Ratatouille musical…” You knew it was coming, so here it is. What were our thoughts on said musical? Was it the rat of all our dreams? Can ANYONE cook? Did we smell a rat? Listen in and find out!

On this episode of SPACE CASE, we’re headed BACK to Houston. After last week’s unfortunate announcement that Montrose’s beloved “Disco Kroger” will close it’s doors in 2021, we scoured the comments to see what people’s reactions were to this news and memories people had that were tied to this iconic location. While doing so, we came across something that we COULD NOT pass up. It was a video from 2008 that took place in the Disco Kroger and we LATER learned it also happened at MANY locations all over Houston. Hear about our findings in this episode about the legacy of Houston’s SEXYATTACK including an interview with one of it’s founders Julia Wallace.

It’s our favorite time of year! It’s time once again kiddies for the SPACE CASE Halloween Special! In our 4th year we REALLY wanted to bring the spooky, so we have a JAM PACKED episode filled with surprises. We start with an SK REVIEWS of the new seasonal Pumpkin Spice Margarita from Taco Cabana. Is it delicious? Or is it suspicious? We then bring you the final installment of our month long HOUSTON HAUNTS mini-series which includes a great interview with a Houston expert; Mister McKinney of “Mister McKinney’s Historic Houston” bus tours! We ask him about HIS fave Houston haunts, some insight on places we’ve investigated, his favorite bits of Houston history, AND how you can get on a bus tour of your own to learn more. Happy Halloween Houston, stay safe out there!

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Happy Hauntings Kiddies! It’s October, and ’tis the season to be SPOOKY. With that in mind, we’re ready to spend all month cracking frighteningly fun cases that’ll leave you DYING for more. On this episode, we investigate a couple of haunted locales in our home base of Houston. These downtown staples have a haunted past, but are they destined for a haunted FUTURE? Tune in and find out if you DARE!

On this episode we follow the trail left from our jetpack episode last week with another UFO incident that was definitely NOT aliens. This was a man; a legendary man. Given the name Lawn Chair Larry, he was a pioneer in what is now known as “cluster-ballooning.” A pioneer of unusual aviation techniques he ventured where no man had before! Well, at least ventured further than anyone who lived to tell the tale. Who was this man? And why was he hell-bent on making this dream come true?