On this episode of Space Case, we live, laugh, and indeed, LOVE! This week it crossed our mind, what are the origins of the motivational home decor staple “LIVE LAUGH LOVE?” What did it start as? How did it get SO POPULAR in homes all over the world? What does it say about fans of the phrase? AND who deserves the credit for it’s creation?

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On this week’s episode of Space Case, it’s time to hit you with the 2021 REVAMP! NEW GRAPHIC! NEW THEME SONG! AND a new SK REVIEWS for 2021! At Devin’s request, “I guess we have to talk about the Ratatouille musical…” You knew it was coming, so here it is. What were our thoughts on said musical? Was it the rat of all our dreams? Can ANYONE cook? Did we smell a rat? Listen in and find out!

The last episode of Space Case in 2020! Winding down on the final installments of SK BEST OF episodes, it’s time for our favorite memes and other media of this year. We tackle books, video games, and other internet things we loved this year (that didn’t fit into other episodes) PLUS we have an interview with musician and composer (and co-host of 2 Good Boys) Barry “Epoch” Topping. We chat with him about making music, his fave video games, creating as a full time job, and how we fell into working on one of Trent’s favorite games of 2020, PARADISE KILLER. See you in 2021!

On this week’s episode we’re headed ALL THE WAY TO THE U.K.! We tackle the topic of censorship via the history of VIDEO NASTIES. This was a notorious list of banned or soon-to-be-banned VHS tapes which typically included low-budget flicks and crass films. What lead to this list being made? Was it necessary? And what became of this list? Listen in and find out!