On this week’s episode we’re keeping it pretty simple; we look over this year’s nominees for the Grammys! We dive in to the categories and give our favorite picks along with predictions of who we think will actually win. Call or text the SPACE CASE HOTLINE at 832-899-4949 to let us know YOUR faves from this year’s nominations and who got snubbed OR send us a DM @whereissk ❤️

On this episode of Space Case, we shift gears a bit and tackle what’s currently an ongoing investigation. On November 2nd, international tennis star Peng Shaui released a statement in regards to an encounter with a high powered official in her home country of China. After the statement was posted, she was not seen or heard from for almost 2 weeks. Now, the government is trying to back track their involvement and assure that she’s not missing and is in good spirits, but the WTA and the UN are not buying it.

*CLASSIC EPISODE* Originally aired 1/14/19

In this classic episode of SPACE CASE, SK tackles mysteries of crazy fast food chain debacles of the 90s. We uncover the truth behind the McDonald’s ball pit incident (were there really needles in the ball pit?), the suffocations via the Poke Balls from Burger King, and reminisce on the Pizza Hut reading club.

On this week’s episode of Space Case, we ask the question; have you ever dreamed of a eating a Garfield shaped pizza? Well, your dreams could be a reality! (if you lived in Canada) We take a deep dive into the world of one of pop culture’s favorite cats’ first endeavors into the world of food service and get into the mind of one (potentially?!) genius businessman. Tune in to join the fun!

We’re BACK! Did you miss us? On this episode of Space Case, it’s our annual HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! For this year’s special, we recap what we’ve been doing all month INCLUDING releasing our brand new single DEAD TO ME (stream here: https://empire.ffm.to/deadtomespacekiddettes) and music video (watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOTb4G_mQvo&ab_channel=SpaceKiddettes), playing a lesbian wedding on Halloween, AND recapping the spooky get-together we had at SKHQ. THEN we end the pod with our classic segment TALES FROM NEXTDOOR with only the most TERRIFYING TALES for Halloween. 

On this episode of SPACE CASE, it’s a heavy subject, with a WILD twist. If the name Tania Head doesn’t ring a bell, don’t worry, because she kinda doesn’t exist. In the aftermath of 9/11, every year we’ve reflected as a nation. For the 20th anniversary, we take a look at one story that is so unbelievable, it will make you rethink, well, a lot of things. You just have to buckle up, and listen in!

On this episode of SPACE CASE, we take a deep dive into what it takes to be a “man.” Apparently, it’s very simple. If you just follow these simple rules, you can become what is considered a capital M “man” in no time! We take crack the case on the blog “THE MAN RULES” and drink from it’s well of endless wisdom. We even tally up our score to see what percentage “real Man” we are. Wanna find out for yourself? Listen in!

Heavy title? Don’t let it fool you, it’s fun! Every year we do AT LEAST one big episode about music and what it’s like to make it etc. So for this year’s offering, we wanted to go BIG (at least for the title) We wanted to check in and hear (from people besides ourselves) about what it’s like to make AND consume music right here and right now in 2021. First, we chat with music reviewer, pop culture commentator, podcaster, and TikTok ICON Pablo, The Don about music journalism and reviewing music with stan culture and the artists themselves at the READY to attack. THEN, we hang with Sarah from California synth pop band TRANSVIOLET about making music, staying creative, and TOURING this past year to today. Let us know your thoughts after you listen! We wanna keep the discussion going!

On this week’s episode, it’s Part 3 of our deep dive into the world of diet sodas! After the last couple of week’s episodes about Diet Coke and TaB there was only one soda left, Dr. Pepper. Open your Texas history books folks and get ready for a WILD ride. Hope you had fun with our TRILOGY of epic proportions about the history of diet sodas! Listen in to find out more!

On this week’s episode, it’s Part 2 of our deep dive into the world of diet sodas! After last week’s episode about Diet Coke, we were left wondering about it’s predecessor TaB during most of the episode. We THOUGHT we knew about it, but we seemed to not have some of the historical details straight. So, what was supposed to be a one time case about Diet Coke is now destined to become a TRILOGY of epic proportions about the history of diet sodas! Listen in to find out more!