On this week’s episode it’s another HOUSTON MINI-SODE where we give lil tidbits on things happening in Houston. First, an update on a topic from our last Houston mini-sode about the attempted art heist at MFAH. They found a suspect, but what will happen next?! THEN we give a little backstory about a pub that was once called VELVET ELVIS and we let you know why it’s not called that anymore. We end with some pet related posts in our segment TALES FROM NEXTDOOR!

On this week’s episode of Space Case, instead of cracking a case we’re posing a question; what’s up with milk? What is the DEAL!? Standard milk has LONG been the topic of health experts and corporations about why it’s NOT good for you debunking false information about the many reasons why it IS good for you. Nowadays with so many alternatives, what is the right choice of milk substitute AND are they actually any better for you? Does it depend on your preference? Your tastes? Your desired nutrients? We don’t know BUT we attempt to find some answers!

On this week’s episode of SPACE CASE, we finally take a deep dive into the history and appeal of ASMR. This long overdue case gives you a brief overview of who coined the term ASMR, what “counts” as ASMR content, the discourse about ASMR, AND where the culture is now. Then, we finish off with a VERY interesting version of our TALES FROM NEXTDOOR segment.

On this week’s episode of Space Case we give you a short and sweet Houston-centric episode! First, we give a little breakdown of the attempted MFAH art heist this month. Not as many details as we usually like, but hopefully we can FULLY crack this developing story in the coming months. Then, we take the “ultimate Houston quiz” that was CLEARLY not made by an actual Houstonian. We finish up with our TALES FROM NEXTDOOR segment!

On this week’s episode of SPACE CASE, you’ve automatically been entered to win; no purchase necessary! We’re taking you back to the golden era of cable TV when you could channel surf to your hearts content and in between these commercials were ads for fantasy “sweepstakes.” Even though sweepstakes are still alive and well, we’re cracking the case on mail-in entry style contests of yesteryear and giving you some history of how this all began PLUS some tips on how you can better your chances of winning to gain the title of a full blown “sweeper.” What were some contests and sweepstakes you always wanted to win?! Let us know!












On this week’s episode of SPACE CASE, it’s PROFESSOR Space Kiddettes to you! We dive into a little history and theory inspired by a PITCHFORK article that asked the question “how long does it take to make a classic album?” We dive into the history of albums, where we are now, and do they mean the same thing they used to. We also have some fun with weird facts and trivia about the length of time it took to make classic albums and the longest lengths of time between releases.